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Baykee built a 100kva modular ups data center for Ji 'an children's hospital

Recently, Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co.,Ltd. provide its excellent intelligent 100kva modular ups data center solutions enters smoothly into the Children's Hospital and escort for hospital intelligent management.

baykee 100kva modular ups

Ji 'an Children's Hospital is a newly built, setting health care, prevention, medical treatment, scientific research, teaching as one of the tertiary specialized hospitals. The hospital designs scientifically, practically and follows the sustainable development of the modern hospital designing concept. It introduces a large number of foreign advanced medical technology and types of equipment and it is committed to building children's hospital pediatric top medical treatment level.

From the original construction plan, it demands the medical service scope must cover the city and around it. The hospital information service is highly requested this time during the modern time, and asks that the Data center of hospital can satisfy HIS hospital room, PACS, electronic medical records and other information-based business smooth and stable operation, with accurate and effective data information to provide powerful support for the medical work smoothly. It is required that the machine room can meet the current advanced equipment work, and also meet the development and changes of the hospital in the next few years, so as to reduce the complicated work caused by the upgrade and expansion of the machine room. The management system should be simple and easy to operate, so as to reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance. To achieve the above three major tasks, after a series of screening and comparison, the children's hospital finally decided to cooperate with Aerospace Baykee. Using Aerospace Baykee IM Lingrui series pond level 100kva modular ups data center infrastructure solutions, dedicated room makes the high availability of medical industry.

Our company's product-IM Lingrui series intelligent 100kva modular ups data center solution includes cabinet, platoon, pond level of different forms. Which owns cabinet, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, security, environmental monitoring and other subsystems, can meet different demands for different sizes of data center construction to provide the overall solution. Compared with traditional rooms, Aerospace Baykee intelligent micromodule in the centralized, intelligent, standardized construction is better. The intelligence and tools can make the center to realize unattended and the operational management efficiency can be increased by 50%; Scientific deployment and installation process can meet the requirements of fast online service. Network equipment, power supply, refrigeration integration, save 25% of the space. In the construction of the machine room of Ji 'an Children's Hospital, the solution of Aerospace Baykee modular data center mainly provides technical support from the following aspects:

baykee 100kva modular ups products

Children's Hospital adopts our pond level 100kva modular ups data center solutions, which uses the integration of UPS to ensure the reliability of the at the same time to reduce customer investment and improve space utilization. All the micro-module parts are prefabricated by the factory, and the color, size, and material of each part are highly matched during installation to ensure the new data center of Ji 'an Children's Hospital to be beautiful and clean.

Aerospace Baykee micro-module data center solutions design closed cooling channel to realize the implementation of cold and hot air isolation, which sharply reduce air conditioning system energy consumption and reduce the entire data center PUE to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction. What’s more, it helps to save a large amount of operating cost for the hospital.

Aerospace Baykee 100kva module ups data center solutions are highly integrated modular architecture and use standard interfaces between modules. This architecture can satisfy its on-demand expansion in the late development which will be effectively extending the service life of the machine room and reducing the construction cost.

Under the help of Aerospace Baykee micro-module data center solutions the children's hospital’s IT room can effectively ensure the business development of it in the next few years, which will lead the pediatric medical enterprise informatization construction towards a new level. In the future, we will continue to provide more high-quality products and solutions for our partners and contribute to the development of information technology in China's medical industry.

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