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Active Power Filter From Baykee greatly improve the power environment and quality for the Army Industrial Factory

Now most widely used load is nonlinear, such as rectifier, frequency converter, electric arc furnace, welding equipment, 200kva UPS, elevator, air conditioning, energy saving lamps (fluorescent), copy machine, etc., these harmonic current will produce a large number of nonlinear load and injected into the power grid, the grid voltage distortion, the harmonic "pollution" can produce serious harm to power grid and the user. This is the big problem for the Army Industrial Factory in Shanxi ,What is more important ,there is more expense for the electricity and the efficiency is pretty low, To help the factory solve the pollution to the grid and save the money ,the Baykee engineer went to the factories for many times to check the harmonic wave and the harm and to calculate the capacity of Active Power Filter we need to provide . What is more ,we need to see the environment include the grid situation ,the space and the device etc to decide the final solution for the factory.Taking all details into consideration ,Baykee decided to design the module Type Active Power Filter as below for the customer.


Aerospace Baykee Active Power Filter is a new electric power harmonic management dedicated device, which adopts modern power electronics technology and the digital signal processing technique in the digital signal processor (DSP). This Filter can overcome the traditional Filter, like LC Filter etc. Shortcomings of harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation, achieve dynamic tracing compensation and fill the harmonic, reactive power. The main function is managing the current harmonic, Series active Filter is mainly managing the voltage harmonic. Now the solution is winning the great praise from customers and now we also extend our solution for many factories such as the Power Station ,Ceramic Factory ,Steel factory etc. Those factories have great pollution to the grid power and the government forbids and ask the factories to improve to decrease the affect.
Active Power Filter is widely applied for industry, commerce and organizations in power  networks. Example, electric system, water treatment equipment, petrochemical enterprise, huge mall and office building, precision electronic enterprise, airport/port power supply system, medical institutions. According to different application object, active filter can ensure power supply reliability, reduce the interference and improve the product quality, increase equipment life, reduce equipment damage, and so on. Now our whole solution and customized products are warmly welcome. Besides, Baykee also offer the double conversion online ups, emergency power source, modular ups, outdoor ups, solar inverter, mppt solar charger controller, battery, suit for different power condition.