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Aerospace Baykee 30kva UPS successfully used in Baoding Hospital

Recently, the leading power quality service provider Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Aerospace Baykee), its UPS uninterrupted power supply successfully entered the first central hospital of Baoding City with excellent product performance, for the medical and health care of Baoding City Escort.

 The first central hospital of Baoding City was founded in 1904 and is one of the early hospitals in China. Now it has more than 10,000 medical types of equipment such as nuclear magnetic resonance, ECT, stone crusher, angiography machine, and spiral CT. It is a comprehensive medical, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, health care, preventive health care, and community medical services. The tertiary hospitals play a decisive role in the medical and healthcare industry in Baoding.

baykee 30kva ups

Recently, the Aerospace Baykee technical team take the inspection about the first central hospital of Baoding City, and fully considered the compatibility of product characteristics and user needs, and fully complied with the principles of economic application, advanced technology, and scientific rationality. A power solution based on the Aerospace BAYKEE UPS uninterrupted power supply. Our UPS uninterrupted power supply used in this program can provide a stable power supply for important equipment and ensure the continuous operation of medical equipment in case of sudden power failure of the mains or circuit failure in the building. Provide a stable and uninterrupted power guardian. On this basis, Aerospace BAYKEE 30kva UPS uninterrupted power supply can also achieve reliable, filtered, stable sine wave output; improve the load capacity of medical equipment with excellent dynamic performance; with advanced IGBT inverter technology, perfect response to input Overvoltage, short circuit, over temperature and other conditions play an indispensable role in the daily use and maintenance of medical equipment.

 It is understood that the aerospace Burke UPS uninterrupted power supply is also based on the above advantages, successfully entered the Asian Heart Hospital, Chengdu Seventh Central Hospital, Nanchang Women and Children Hospital, Zhujiang Hospital, Xuzhou Cancer Hospital, Nanyang Central Hospital, Anhui Province The hospital emergency center, Nanning Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Weifang Central Hospital, Dongguan Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zhongshan Chinese Medicine Hospital, Ningbo Beilun District Central Hospital, Qinghai Xining Fifth Hospital and other large medical sites, highly praised by users, formed a wide range User word of mouth.

This time, Aerospace Baykee once again launched the medical field and successfully handed in the first central hospital of Baoding City. It is a re-certification of the Aerospace Baykee Power Quality Service. It is also the space shuttle Baykee firmly committed to the medical industry with safe and stable power quality. Guarding the wonderful power of life!

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