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Aerospace Baykee IP65 outdoor UPS guard the Cable safety for the Hainan TV station

China cable TV network co., LTD is a core enterprise of China cable TV network business managed by China central television under the direct administration of the state administration of radio, film and television. China cable Hainan branch is a unified operator of Hainan cable TV network with 18 branches in cities and counties such as Haikou and Sanya. Relying on the network advantage of China's cable channels throughout the country and the program resource advantage of China central television, and developing digital TV in accordance with the "all-two-way, all-business" mode, Hainan cable TV users will be provided with diversified, multi-level, all-round and personalized digital TV services.

outdoor ups in hainan

China Hainan branch cable according to the requirements of the development of digital TV, complete province cable television transmission main feeder cable construction, opened the provincial radio and TV transmission light arteries of communication, to achieve the inter-operability arteries of communication and national broadcasting and television transmission, and distribution network for the users in the digital transformation, the construction of the whole province unified front end system, implements the unification of the signal transmission in the province. The company has carried out "digital TV quality service year" activities for two consecutive years, with the concept of "customer first, considerate service", making unremitting efforts to make users optimistic about using digital TV.

outdoor ups system

Recently, Hainan branch of Aerospace Baykee  do the business with China Hainan branch cable and mainly for the outdoor base station equipment to provide uninterrupted power. In the summer of Hainan island, the temperature was very high and the outdoor temperature was higher along the road. With such temperature, the installation team of Baykee insisted on completing the UPS installation on the whole line in the limited time, which won the trust and praise of China Hainan branch cable.

outdoor ups

Baykee HW series outdoor base station special online outdoor UPS system, is the global newest period control component and more advanced software perfect combine full intelligent digital product. That series product uses the six generator low-loss large power IGBT and static switch to be power component, it fully adopt digital control technique with available online programmable high speed microprocessor(MCU), and it is the perfect performance in digital electric technique. HW series UPS capacity range from 1KVA-3KVA, can extend to 20KVA, with 100% suitable grid environment, widely used in communication industry, outdoor communicate station.
.What is most important, its protection grade is IP65, which can prevent, release high temperature, salt mist and other functions. These are also the biggest differences between outdoor UPS and normal UPS. It is a special customized machine for the user's outdoor use environment, providing uninterruptible power supply for outdoor equipment. Because we did a great job, China cable's Hainan branch contracted out its other UPS and data center projects to Aerospace Baykee.

baykee hw series outdoor base station