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Aerospace Baykee MPPT solar charge controller is widely used in solar system in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in the central American isthmus, belong to North America, 10 ° north latitude, longitude 84 °. The Caribbean sea to the east and the north Pacific to the west have a coastline of 1,290 km (212 km to the east and 1,016 km to the west). Costa Rica borders Nicaragua to the north (309 km) and Panama to the south (639 km).

The climate in Costa Rica is so different that it completely upsets the classification of seasons. There are only two seasons in Costa Rica, the rainy season from April to December, the rainy season, and the dry season from the end of December to the following April, also known as summer. The capital, SAN Jose, annual average temperature of 15 ℃, the highest for 26 ℃; The temperature of coastal areas are relatively high, the Caribbean night an average temperature of 21 ℃, the average daily temperature of 30 ℃.It has a unique geographical advantage, with more abundant solar energy resources near the equator. Since Costa Rica established diplomatic relations with China, more and more trade has taken place between the two countries.

 As an agricultural country, Costa Rica is constantly exporting its abundant agricultural and seafood products to China, and its tourism industry is booming, attracting more and more Chinese tourists. As a manufacturing power, China is also constantly exporting products to Costa Rica that are needed by various industries in China. The solar energy system is one of the industrial products and service to Costa Rica. The island country has limited grid power and the demand for new and clean and sustainable solar energy is growing so fast . Aerospace Baykee as a solar system solution provider is expanding our market there .
Recently ,Baykee did several 192V solar system in SAN Jose and the customers feedback that the MPPT solar charge controller is quite good in their project site. Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%,high-quality components to improve system performance, the maximum conversion efficiency of up to 98%,super fast speed of maximum power point tracking and tracking efficiency, accurate identification of the peak of maximum power point tracking ,enter the automatic power limit maximum PV array of reliable function, all these above features ensure the stably working for the whole system .

In near future ,the customer will cooperate more MPPT and the solar products from Aerospace Baykee to set up more solar power station and bring more new energy to Costa Rica.

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