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Australia Gold Coast McDonald's Solar Power charge controller Project

solar power charge controller project

The solar power charge controller project is located in the beautiful Australia gold cost, Queensland Key Tourist Resort. Every year thousands of tourist from over the world come here to enjoy their holiday. The basic equipment there is very perfect. But as a 7-24 hour opened restaurant, McDonald cost nearly AUD10000 each month for the electricity consumption. To save his cost, the McDonald find us, ask for a solution for reduce the daily electricity consumption. According to his need and load situation, the lighting, the cooling system, and some food machine, we inspect the locally environment and sun power condition, choose our 25kva off grid solar power charge controller system for them.

solar power charge controller equipment

The whole system include one set Baykee’s 25kva off grid solar inverter TYN33 series. Gel battery 12v200ah series totally 32pcs, battery cabinet, combination box, and poly solar panels. The whole Solar Power charge controller system make sure the daily use from the sun power, at same time, charge the battery via the MPPT solar charger controller built in the solar inverter. During night or no solar situation, the battery then support the loads and equipment for the McDonald. Even when the battery is empty, then the inverter transfer to the grid power via the rectifier, the grid offer the electricity for the equipment. The whole system is stable and new clean, not only save the electricity for the McDonald, but also reduce the carbon via using the new energy source.

best solar power charge controller

According to the feedback from the workers of McDonald, the electricity consumption has reduced AUD7000 every month. At same time, we also very glad to know that our system has great contribution to save their cost. Our off grid solar system win more and more attention world wide. Baykee offer single phase 3kw, 5kw, and three phase 10kva to 300kva solar system for our clients, if you have any plan for install a solar system, welcome to send inquiry to us. Our engineer will offer a suitable plan for your solar system project. 

solar power charge controller servicebaykee best solar power charge controller