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BAYKEE 200KVA UPS Power Supply System Escorted the IT Industry

BAYKEE has provided the high efficiency online double conversion CHP3000 series 200KVA UPS system including the 200KVA UPS, maintenance-free VRLA batteries, Battery cabinet, and UPS power network monitoring and so on related products to the power center IT industry base of Chongqing Bonded Port Area.

200kva ups supply

The State Council officially approved the establishment of Chongqing Two-way Cuntan Bonded Port Area (referred to as: Chongqing Bonded Port Area) on November 12nd, 2008, Which is the‘Water Port + Airport’ dual-nuclear bonded port zone of China's land bonded port area. The planned area is 8.37 square kilometers, the water port functional area covers an area of 2.43 square kilometers, covering the largest and most important port in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River - Cuntan Port, and the airport functional area is 5.94 square kilometers, seamlessly docked the Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport which is the first planning and construction 4 runways in domestic. The establishment of Chongqing Bonded Port Area has far-reaching significance to narrow the economic gap between the coastal areas and the inland areas, and accelerate the pace of development of the western inland for the country.

200kva ups

In recent years, with its all-digital control technology, advanced schedule management software, high-precision SMD technology, sixth-generation IGBI inverter technology, key environmental protection and energy-saving technologies, and the leading service standards, BAYKEE UPS has become the top 10 uninterruptible power supply manufacturer to provide 7 x 24 hour power guard for key domestic industrial equipment in the domestic and foreign market. And In the industrial field, more and more clients choose BAYKEE UPS power supply system to be their power guardian.

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