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Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with quality UPS inverter,solar system products with high-quality services.


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Baykee 3 phase UPS is used in the industrial field - shipyard

Baykee is a professional research and development manufacturer. It develops special Marine 3 phase UPS power supply according to the power demand of offshore platforms and ships.IT is understood that because of the offshore platforms and ship navigation system, emergency lighting system, rescue system, IT equipment, communications equipment for the stability of the power supply system requirements, according to the use requirement, baykee developed Marine 3 phase UPS power focus on a variety of high performance and stable technology in one, it has a small space, strong mechanical design, extension, flexibility and strong environment adaptability. The cabinet put oneself in anther's position with strong design, seismic, moisture proof, flexible installation, fully considering the various aspects maritime application;In addition, it has all the advantages of high quality UPS power supply, such as high reliability, high availability and intelligent digitization. It is highly recognized by users.

3 phase ups

Our products are widely used. Now let's introduce our products apply to the industrial field. First, a brief introduction of our partners Wison Group. Wison Group is a diversified conglomerate focusing on energy services and high-tech industries, with three core businesses consisting of Engineering Services, Offshore & Marine Engineering and New Chemical Materials. The Group has established a presence in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and other regions. Its business covers the storage and utilization of basic energy including coal, oil and natural gas, onshore energy engineering services, marine engineering equipment manufacturing and development of downstream new chemical materials. It is dedicated to providing professional services and high-quality products for customers of various industries in different regions.