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Baykee 3 phase ups medium power emergency power supply for fire fighting equipment

Baykee FEPS is the leading product of special 3 phase ups emergency power supply for fire fighting, which focuses on fire emergency. It is the equipment of "keeping the army for thousands of days and using it for a while", for the sake of the real emergency power supply.

3 phase ups

In order to ensure the reliability of the whole machine (especially considering the personal safety and fire escape), the emergency power supply for the large power fire fighting equipment in Baykee 500KVA EPS is composed of a high speed microprocessor, (MCU), programmable logic device, (CPLD), and the sixth generation low loss high power IGBT. And static switch, etc. As a special power supply for fire emergency equipment, reliability is the main index of product design.

3 phase ups supply

The FEPS 3 phase ups emergency power supply adopts advanced intelligent control technology to ensure the super-stable operation of the system. Superior load characteristics, completely meet the jump from 0 to 100% load, the protection output is stable and reliable, independent rectifier charger, intelligent battery management. Reduce the burden of administrators and ensure the convenience and reliability of post-sales operation and maintenance. On the one hand, it can provide self-test and fault analysis for all the independent circuits on the circuit board to prevent the occurrence of sudden faults, on the other hand, it can ensure the super stable operation of the system by digitally transformed sinusoidal waves. When the power grid has electricity, it is static and noiseless. Less than 60 db. no smoke, shockproof, and And it has the characteristics of no pollution and no hidden fire danger. In the aspect of the efficiency of the whole machine, Baykee EPS 3 phase ups emergency power supply adopts the sixth generation of high efficiency and energy saving IGBT, inverter efficiency > 95, working efficiency 99.5. The switching time between power grid and EPS power supply is 0.1-0.25S. it can effectively guarantee the normal emergency lighting supply at the critical moment. It is the most powerful guardian of fire safety in public places of large buildings.

3 phase ups solution

Baykee ----IT infrastructure and power quality service providers, medium and large power UPS power supply and EPS power industry leader, national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong intellectual property advantage enterprises, Guangdong private science and technology enterprises, national defense communications equipment network enterprises. Baykee 3 phase UPS power supply machine work efficiency up to 98, energy conservation, environmental protection, Baykee EPS power switching time less than 1.2 ms, refresh industry technology, products successfully applied in Wuguang high-speed railway, Baolan high-speed rail, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai World Expo Shenzhen Universiade, Xi'an Expo, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games venues, Guangzhou TV Tower, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Yu-Xiang Gao Speed, Guangdong-Jiangxi high-speed, Gui-Guang high-speed and many other major domestic projects.

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