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Baykee 300kva UPS systems provide to the Nigerian Abuja-Kaduna railway

BAYKEE, as a high-end brand in the railway power supply and distribution field, with its good reputation and strong technical strength, has achieved great success in overseas markets and successfully won the bid for the UPS power supply procurement project of the Nigerian Abuja-Kaduna Railway, and supplied them the high power capacity UPS inverter in parallel redundant power supply scheme, which equipped with BAYKEE high-end CHP series transformer-based online redundant parallel 300kva UPS, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, battery cabinet, UPS power network monitoring system, etc. To guarantee the safety, reliability and high efficiency of railway power supply.

300kva ups

Nigerian Abuja-Kaduna Railway
It is reported that the Abuja-Kaduna railway is 186.5 kilometers long and the contract value is 850 million US dollars, and the construction period is 36 months, including 9 stations, 32 railway bridges, 29 highway bridges and more than 220 culverts. As the first construction project of Nigeria's modern railway, the construction of this railway is very great significant to the modernization and economic development of Nigerian railways. The Aka Railway not only helps to solve the problem of Nigerian people going out, but also provides a large number of employment opportunities for the local people, and cultivated professionally technical personnel, which is obviously a benefit livelihood project for the local people.


high efficiency 300kva ups

In order to ensure the safety of railway traffic, BAYKEE went deeply into the Aka Railway site inspection and used the BAYKEE CHP series redundant parallel 300kva UPS systems to supply the power to the railway station, configured with the batteries for backup time 2 hours for the unmanned maintained and nobody guarded station. The BAYKEE double conversion online 300kva UPS systems have stable performance and reliability, they can be used in areas of harsh power supply environment, and they can be connected in parallel. And the parallel systems adopted the common battery groups function, which can improve the batteries utilization efficiency and reduce installation space, not only provided high reliability power protection for the Aka Railway, but also improved the efficiency and performance of the whole UPS power supply systems. 

baykee 300kva ups