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Baykee 60kva UPS is used in the industrial field - Milk production line

Baykee 60kva UPS is used in the industrial field - Milk production line

60kva ups supply

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has been providing consumers with healthy and nutritious dairy products. It is currently a large-scale dairy product enterprise with a complete product line in China. It is also in line with the Olympic and World Expo standards and provides milk for the Olympic Games and the World Expo. Products of the enterprise. In 2015, Yili's annual revenue exceeded 60 billion yuan for the first time, and its net profit was 4.654 billion yuan. Both of them continued to grow and ranked first in the industry. Up to now, Yili Group has settled in New Zealand, alliance with Italian dairy giant Sqada, and established the Chinese dairy industry in the Netherlands. The European R&D center, which has the most advantageous specifications, is widely used in various fields such as the European R&D Center and related American companies and research institutes. Cooperation.

Our baykee product CHP series, 60kva UPS uninterruptible power supply is mainly designed for the production chain power system, featuring high efficiency, high compatibility, investment and operating costs. Through the use of DSP digital control technology and many other advanced hardware supporting systems, CHP series 60kva UPS products have completely broken through the technical bottleneck of the analog circuit era, super adapt to various grid environments, single unit capacity from 10KVA to 800KVA, can also be automatically according to user battery configuration Adjust the charging current parameters of the battery, and perform equalization floating charge conversion, temperature compensation charging and discharge management according to the power supply environment to ensure more efficient operation of the battery and prolong battery life.

Baykee is excited to extend our 3-phase solutions with the perfect CHP3000 Series of transformer based double conversion on-line UPS--60kva ups. This series UPS adopts high-speed microprocessor (MCU), Programmable logic device (CPLD) program which is controlled by software, the sixth generation low-exhaust and big-power IGBT and static switch as power components. This series product combines the world’s newest control spare parts and the most advanced software. It entirely breaks through the technical bottleneck in traditional simulation age. It adopts the digital control technology and high-precision SMD technology. This UPS can suit for various power grid environments. All features can offer users the big capacity, flexibility, high reliability, stability etc. at a value expected from Baykee name.