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Baykee attended the Saudi Elenex exhibition in May 1st

On May 1st, the Saudi Elenex/Aircon 2019 is successfully closed. Baykee’s team have entertained many visitors from Saudi Arabic and around country. Again, our ups products and solar system has attract many focus in the Saudi Elenex/Aircon 2019 exhibition.

saudi elenex exhibition in may 1st

on and off grid

This time, our new product hybrid solar inverter- on and off grid solar inverter has first showing on the exhibition. This new product will bring new working principle for the solar system. It has the function both for on grid inverter and off grid inverter, what is more, the hybrid solar inverter is the high efficiency high frequency, the efficiency can reach to 95%. The power factor of solar inverter designed to be 0.9~1. The self loss is very less than the normal low frequency off grid solar inverter TYN33 series. This new products has attract many visits’ interests. It will get the market in the Saudi Arabic and around countries.

saudi elenex exhibition

on grid

Besides, this time we have brought many ups catalogue and solar catalogue, our very hot sale ups series low frequency online ups CHP3000, MP3100, MP11, high frequency online ups HS,HTT, Modular ups. Solar products like off grid solar inverter TYN33, TYN11, NK series, and MPPT solar charge controller etc.

Baykee look forward to meet you in our next travel- Vietnam exhibition on July.