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Baykee BKH-M Series High Power Modular UPS Power supply

As more and more enterprises and institutions move their data to the cloud, even a small outage on cloud services can lead to a catastrophe; there are many reasons for the outage. The incidence of power failure caused by downtime is as high as 30%. Big data, cloud computing technology has been widely and deeply applied, facing the changing business requirements, the continuous availability of data center infrastructure and key systems, seamless operation is the most important consideration for many users.

modular ups

In order to solve this kind of problem, Aerospace Baykee Company has finally formulated the modular power supply and distribution solution of Baykee data Center, adopting Baykee BKH-M series high power third generation modular UPS power supply as the core structure, in order to meet the high reliable power supply demand of various industries. The application of Baykee BKH-M series modular UPS power supply, the module power is 40 KVA, equipped with 11 power modules, the system power 440 KVA; Its efficiency is as high as 96, input power factor ≈ 1, input harmonic < 3. It is a real high power intelligent green modular UPS power supply product.

It is understood that the Baykee  BKH-M series modular UPS power supply, the module power coverage of 10 kVA0 50kVA, a single system up to 600kVA, can support four systems in parallel to provide the highest 2.4MVA power protection; Baykee is also such a high-power modular UPS power production capacity is one of the few manufacturers. Baykee  BKH-M series is the latest generation intelligent modular UPS power generation epoch-making products, integrated with the advanced technology today, its efficiency is up to 96, titanium grade, integrated APFC rectifier technology to enable input power factor ≈ 1, input harmonics < 3, green energy saving; Pure modular design and N X redundancy design, without any single point of failure, easy to maintain and expand, availability up to 99.999 (mean failure free time) of more than 1 million hours. Baykee  BKH-M series high power modular UPS power supply, naturally born for the data center, set "high availability, high reliability, green energy saving, easy to expand and maintain" in one body, fully meet the needs of the data center in the cloud era, Ensure continuous and seamless operation of key systems, widely used in IDC computer room, big data, cloud platform.