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BAYKEE CHP Series UPS Inverter System stationed in Hospital

BAYKEE CHP Series UPS Inverter System stationed in Hospital to help upgrade medical service level.

The Peking University First Hospital (hereinafter referred to as "Peking University Hospital") successfully deployed BAYKEE UPS inverter power supply for the hospital emergency room, successfully transformed medical software and hardware facilities, and upgraded the service level of Peking University Hospital. The after transforming emergency department of Peking University Hospital all adopted BAYKEE high-end CHP series UPS power supply system as the power supply for the medical equipment, equipped with UPS power network monitoring and intelligent management system, UPS battery cabinet and maintenance-free batteries and so on rated products, to ensure reliable and safe power supply in the emergency room.

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Peking University First Hospital

The Peking University First Hospital (referred to as“Peking University Hospital”) is located in the old royal city of Beijing, it is a large-scale comprehensive class III hospital integrated with medical, teaching, scientific research and prevention. The before transforming old outpatient building of the emergency department of Peking University Hospital has been built for a long time, and the existing hardware conditions are poor. Especially due to the conversion of the function, the old functional layout cannot meet the needs of the new use function. In addition, the electromechanical system in the building is seriously aging, the environment indoor is extremely poor, there is great contrast between the needs of the majority of patients, so it is urgent to carry out the necessary thorough transformation to meet the needs of medical work development. The reconstructed outpatient building will be responsible for the functions of emergency, physical examination, partial outpatient service and administrative office of Peking University Hospital.

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Most of the hospital's medical equipment is precision instruments, which are very demanding on the power supply, It not only requires uninterrupted power supply, but also has obvious requirements for power quality: stable, reliable, clean, and environmentally friendly. The emergency department power supply of the hospital must not be suddenly powered off, the consequences of sudden power failure will be very serious, causing damage not only to medical equipment, but also to patients, surgery, treatment, etc., and even life safety. BAYKEE engineering and technical team went deep into the Peking University Hospital to make the UPS inverter power supply solution for the emergency medical equipment based on the loads characteristics description of the hospital's emergency room equipment, and built the BAYKEE CHP series transformer-based online UPS power supply as the core, supplemented by maintenance-free batteries, battery cabinets, UPS network monitoring and other rated power products. It is reported that the BAYKEE CHP series UPS power supply has obvious advantages for the emergency room equipment power supply system, with wide input voltage range, excellent machine efficiency, intelligent management, voice alarm function, etc. And the performance stability is at the international advanced level.

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