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Baykee double conversion online UPS power solution stationed in Jiangmen Riverside Sports Center

Smart venue electric escorts Baykee intelligent system double conversion online UPS power solution stationed in Jiangmen Riverside Sports Center

The leading brand of middle and large Power UPS uninterruptible power supply - Baykee, after successfully serving dozens of stadiums such as Guangzhou Asian Games, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Shenzhen Universiade, Capital Gymnasium, etc., re-energized in the power supply field of large-scale smart venues. Successfully entered the Jiangmen City Binjiang Sports Center project to deploy intelligent system UPS power solutions to help build a highly reliable power supply protection system.


The Binjiang Sports Center project is located in the core area of the start-up area of Binjiang New District of Jiangmen City. The total construction area of the project is about 205,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan. It was officially launched in 2013 and completed in December 2016. It is understood that after the completion of the project, it will meet the requirements of the competition venues for the fifteenth provincial sports meeting and individual international competitions in 2018, become the landmark building and urban center in the southern part of Binjiang New District, and integrate sports, leisure, business, A multi-purpose comprehensive activity center integrating exhibition, shopping and performance.

As a comprehensive sports culture public event venue, Binjiang Sports Center undertakes large-scale events such as sports competitions, project training, cultural performances, and business exhibitions. Behind every large-scale event and event, the venue's security monitoring system and network electronic equipment are indispensable for the continuous operation of the network. To ensure the power security of the venue's electronic equipment, it is effective to provide continuous power. The key to ensuring the safety of the audience and the smooth running of the event or event.

In response to the deployment characteristics and load requirements of the intelligent electronic equipment of the Binjiang Sports Center project, Baykee established a professional technical team to conduct on-the-spot investigation and research, and finally provided the project with a “reliable, efficient and intelligent” UPS power supply solution for the stadium. Effectively fulfilled the normal conduct of various comprehensive activities of the Binjiang Sports Center.

double conversion online ups power solutions

 The stadium UPS power supply solution is based on the Baykee CHP3000 series UPS uninterruptible power supply. This series of products adopts advanced all-digital control technology and high-precision SMD technology to ensure that it is 100% suitable for various power grid environments. The protection function and the ultra-wide voltage input range protect the equipment from the interference of power surges such as grid surge, undervoltage and overvoltage, which greatly improve the reliability of power supply. At the same time, the Baykee CHP series double conversion online UPS power supply is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving key technology: the fluorocarbon process processing chassis, detachable modular design, loopless control circuit, inverter technology, etc., making the power saving performance more prominent and complete The machine is more environmentally friendly and durable, providing pure power quality with high reliability and high energy efficiency for the core equipment of the venue and each terminal equipment.

Whether it is from products, technology or stadium solutions, Baykee brings value service experience to Binjiang Sports Center, and is highly recognized and praised by users. It is another perfection for the Baykee brand to serve the sports field. witness.