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Baykee Education Industry Security Power Solutions/uninterrupted power source solutions leading company

With a focus on the power security requirements of key applications and devices in the education industry, Baykee has developed a high-quality and highly reliable education industry secure power supply source solution and the uninterrupted power source that is reliable, green, and energy-efficient, and can also offer customized solutions for users on demand. , from pre-sale, sale, after-sales, comprehensively solve customer demand.

uninterrupted power source

Digital, networked, intelligent and multimedia, China's modern education industry presents the basic characteristics of openness, sharing, interaction, and collaboration. It is applied to ordinary classrooms, multimedia integrated classrooms, computer rooms, mini-electric classrooms, CAI for school teaching. Classrooms, network classrooms, language labs, electronic reading rooms, and closed-circuit television systems have become the main venues and main forms of information education. For organizations that use the IT infrastructure to complete the education process, the issue of power safety is undoubtedly the biggest threat. As a source of power, the power security system will cause education to fail smoothly and affect the learner's experience. And feelings, in the longer run, lack of confidence in modern education.

uninterrupted power source project

According to the applicant field of the education industry, we offer the following solution:

1)Fire emergency EPS safe power supply solution

Applicant in: Teaching building, laboratory building, major activity centers, dormitory buildings, libraries, dormitory
EPS: BK-D 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA uninterrupted power resource

2)Library/Multimedia classroom intelligent system ups power solution/Server and storage devices, video surveillance systems, access control systems and RFID applications, network transmission equipment, IT computer infrastructure equipment

Modular ups: IDC data center uninterrupted power resource, BKH series, ups battery

uninterrupted power source supply

3)Education Industry Lab UPS Power Solutions

Teaching laboratories provide opportunities for learning to combine theory and practice. School laboratories mainly include: biological laboratories, chemical laboratories, and physical laboratories. The teaching laboratory uses all kinds of software systems, IT infrastructure equipment, precision, and electronic equipment to conduct scientific research and experimental operations. Some experimental equipment with extremely high power requirements does not allow power interruption, otherwise it will cause safety hazards.
Uninterrupted power resource: MP31 series ups, MP11 series no break ups, HS online ups.

4)Monitoring room UPS power solution/The monitoring equipment room mainly includes monitoring front-end, IT equipment, and network equipment.

UPS used:BKH series modular ups, MP31 low frequency ups, HS high frequency ups.
Baykee offer full solution according to customer need, welcome to ask for the education solution from us.

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