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Baykee Modular UPS escorts the information construction of Shaoguan Public Security Bureau

Recently, Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Aerospace Baykee) modular high-power UPS products have been successfully used in the data center of Shaoguan Public Security Bureau to provide uninterrupted reliable power support for the public security big data system.

Shaoguan Public Security Bureau is an important local department for maintaining social, political, and social security. The Bureau of Internal Police, Traffic Police Detachment, Fire Fighting Brigade, Logistics Equipment Department and other departments must collect and process important information at all times. The big data system serves as the supports for its management information. Any short interruption of power supply or equipment failure will result in poor system information transmission and even cause irreparable serious consequences.

baykee molular ups

As an important part of the overall system energy management, the power supply system must be stable and reliable to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the entire system. At the same time, each expansion of the Public Security Bureau's IT room means that the available area is reduced. In order to ensure the use of the main equipment room, the UPS power supply, and the distribution system must be highly integrated to improve the space utilization and site adaptability.

After the survey and rigorous evaluation by Aerospace Baykee technical team, a power system solution based on Aerospace Baykee modular high-power UPS was tailored. This series is high-efficiency third-generation high-power modular UPS and consists of input and output power distribution sections and hot-swappable power modules, monitoring modules, bypass modules. It can be grown according to the user's data center or the demand expansion of the high availability level and this is the perfect choice for today's more advanced data center power supply systems. Its virtual impedance technology eliminates the single point of failure risk of the system and intelligent battery management system extends 30% battery life. Its DSP-based digital control of technology makes the system more intelligent and reliable, and greatly improves the availability of the overall operation and maintenance of the data center. Aerospace Baykee modular high-power UPS can be placed directly on the data center floor, installed in equipment rooms, or placed against the wall, which is greatly alleviating the shortage of data center space due to growth.

The power supply system solution of the Aerospace Baykee satisfies the actual needs of the public security bureau of Shaoguan and protects the public security information construction, and also win high praise from customers. Based on the design, construction and management experience of the large-scale computer-dedicated computer room in the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for 40 years, Aerospace Baykee Data Center infrastructure technology has successfully developed a complete power system solution based on its powerful R&D team. With "Performance stable, excellent quality" power supply products have been successfully used in government agencies, institutions and large enterprises in major cities across the country, and have been widely recognized by many customers.

Looking forward to the future, Aerospace Baykee will continue to rely on strong innovation and R&D strengths, combine the development requirements of customers with times to provide advanced technology and superior quality products to contribute to society and benefit users.

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