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Baykee offer the full Redundant Parallel ups system for Education

Baykee can offer the full Redundant Parallel ups system solution for the Education industry.

Redundant parallel UPS

Digital, networked, intelligent and multimedia, China's modern education industry presents the basic characteristics of openness, sharing, interaction and collaboration. It is applied to ordinary classrooms, multimedia integrated classrooms, computer rooms, mini-electric classrooms, CAI for school teaching. Classrooms, network classrooms, language labs, electronic reading rooms, and closed-circuit television systems have become the main venues and main forms of information education. For organizations that use the IT infrastructure to complete the education process, the issue of power safety is undoubtedly the biggest threat. As a source of power, the power security system will cause education to fail smoothly and affect the learner's experience. And feelings, in the longer run, lack of confidence in modern education.

Redundant Parallel ups system for Education

To meet all kinds of need from the educational institute, we offer various type of ups for choose. Online ups, off line ups, outdoor ups, IDC data center solution, modular ups. Among them, the redundant Parallel ups are widely used in those project. Redundant parallel ups include two or more sets ups, connected together via the parallel components, one is for functioning, another is for backup. Each system is individual, but also Interrelated. In the whole system, when one-ups is out off work, the other will get the signal and start to work automatically. The fully redundant system is totally automatic and intelligent. What is more important, the communication port also plays a very important role in the remote control and monitor. The ups have RS232, RS485, dry contacts, suit for different needs.

BAYKEE Redundant Parallel ups

Baykee’s Redundant Parallel ups have been used in many projects. Such as Huazhong Agricultural University, Shanghai Tongji University, Beijing Normal University, Southwest University and so on. Widely used in the IDC data center, emergency lighting system, basic equipment construction, School monitoring room ups power solution.

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