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IIEE 3E XPO 2018 in Philippines has successfully held, Baykee hold online 3 phase ups attend it

baykee 3 phase ups manufacturers

On  November 14, 2018,  the 43rd ANNUAL NATIONAL CONVENTION & 3E XPO 2018 has successfully opened, the exhibition title is ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS AND ENERGY EXPOSITION.

baykee ups and solar inverter

As a leading power manufacturer in China, under the attention of the holder of the exhibition, Baykee bring his welcomed products online 3 phase ups and single phase ups as a sample to attend this big event. Our booth is at the No.4, 208, these days, many clients from the Philippines or around countries have visited our booth. Baykee's manager Phoenix and Helen have to treat them especially introduced Baykee’s online ups series, line interactive ups, high capacity modular ups and some very hot sale solar PV panels, solar inverter, and mppt solar charge controller. 

baykee ups and solar inverter series

This time for meeting at the booth is a good chance for us to introduce our products, and also make our brand known in the local market. What is more, we can negotiate with clients about some technology question and discuss more about the solar inverter system project. The above is some photos took at the booth. The exhibition will hold from 14th to 17th, totally 8 days, welcome to visit us.

online ups series

Aerospace Baykee has many clients in the Philippine market, not only this time, last year, we also have attended the exhibition locally. Aerospace Baykee would like to extend our market in Asia, and then to all over the world. Please trust we have enough economic ability and technology to support your project. Meantime, the pre-sale and after-sale service is also complete. 2 years warranty and all lifetime maintenance and instruction.

solar inverter manufacturers

Baykee's product divided into 4 parts: UPS/EPS, solar PV system, ups and solar inverter components, battery/mppt/PV panels, and energy storage system. Our very hot sale products in Philippine and around the country is 3 phase online ups CHP series, MP31, MP11 series, high-frequency HS, HTT series, and MPPT solar charge controller, off-grid hybrid solar inverter TYN33 series. We design and offer full ups and off-grid solar inverter solution for the clients.