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BAYKEE Provided Special Medical UPS 40kva Power Supply System to Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital

BAYKEE Provided Special Medical UPS 40kva Power Supply System to Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital to guard the Power Security in CT Equipment Room

BAYKEE provided the special medical UPS 40kva power supply for precision medical equipment in Hong Kong Mary Hospital CT equipment room, guarding the CT equipment room power security. This is another classic successful case after BAYKEE Medical UPS power supply successfully served Anhui Provincial Hospital, Huizhou Chinese Medicine Hospital, People's Liberation Army No. 97 Hospital and many other medical industry users.


The Queen Mary Hospital is one of the major public hospitals in Hong Kong, and is also a teaching hospital. The hospital is located in Pok Fu Lam in the western part of Hong Kong Island, it was opened on April 13, 1937, which was known as a large hospital in the Far East at that time. Now the Queen Mary Hospital is  managed by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority and belongs to the Hong Kong West Link, and it is the "leading hospital" and the specialist referral centre in the network. Queen Mary Hospital has approximately 1,440 beds and more than 3,800 staff, provides services including 24-hour emergency, specialist and convalescent care.


The CT device is composed of X-ray, electronic computer, automatic control and other parts, it is an advanced and sophisticated large-scale medical equipment. The disk drive system in the CT machine is very sensitive to the power frequency. when the power frequency fluctuates too much, its speed will drop, causing errors in reading and writing data, and will stop working when it is serious.

BAYKEE precision medical UPS 40kva power supply adopts digital control technology and high-precision SMD technology, which can effectively improve the quality of power grids to ensure the reliable power supply environment for the precision equipment. And its intelligent management and protection functions, excellent filtering performance, and overall machine stability performance, ensures the safe and stable operation of the system. The UPS 40kva power supply application in the Queen Mary Hospital effectively improved the electrical quality for the equipment and provides strong guarantee for the electrical safety of key equipment in the CT equipment room.