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Baykee provides the emergency power supply for the hospital in Iraq

Recently, Aerospace Baykee's EPS power supply has successfully entered a large hospital in Iraq, providing the uninterruptible power supply for elevators in the hospital's direct operating room. Our company's products because of the short transferring time, high efficiency, and strong load-resistance, so customers rely on us to directly rely on us to choose us.

EPS SERIES Emergency Power supply

The area where the Republic of Iraq in Iraq was historically known as Mesopotamia is one of the main sources of human civilization. The oil industry is the economic pillar of Iraq, ranking fourth in the world in terms of crude oil reserves. Although oil is rich, it brings great benefits to the local economy, but the power resources are very poor. Because of resource disputes, long-term wars and other countries are unable to build more reliable power stations, so they are largely dependent on imports. China's power equipment and large-scale high-voltage power station projects have also been exported to Iraq with the Belt and Road, to solve the problem of local life, commercial and industrial power shortages. This hospital project is the best example.

This series EPS Emergency Power supply uses high-speed MCU and CPLD and programmed and controlled by software. It brings in the sixth generation low-exhaust and big-power IGBT and static switch as power components. This series product combines the world’s newest control spare parts and the most advanced software and applies broadly to industrials such as building lighting, elevators, lighting, electricity, industry, and other fields.

EPS power supply

The hospital in the capital, Baghdad, relieved local medical problems. In the process of construction, the installation company that gave the elevator engineering to the hospital found Burke. They passed the repeated testing of the on-site electricity environment and then compared the power products of different manufacturers in different countries. Baykee EPS. Became their last choice. Aerospace Baykee's EPS has the 1.8ms transferring time (the people can not feel the stop since the quite short time)patent in China and get the CCC certificate which is the must certificate for designing, producing and selling the EPS Emergency Power supply products. The elevator engineering company needed the EPS when they would install the elevator for the hospital and they had many choices but they knew that the products must keep the safety, very short switching time which can not let people realize the mains stop in case of accident by panic. The quality then came first and the EPS must have the advantage to win the case . When the emergency appears, the mains stop suddenly, the EPS will switch immediately and will not let People know the emergency and provide enough time to do the work then.

Aerospace Baykee EPS runs normally there now and the solution we provided win a good reputation by this engineering company and we build long and strong cooperative relationship with them. We think we will help more people there to solve the power problem and enhance the friendship with them.

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