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Baykee provides the subway industry a safety Uninterrupted Power Supply Solution

Baykee uninterruptible power supply manufacturers provides the subway industry a safety Uninterrupted Power Supply Solution. The city's subway system is expanding, high-end equipment and cutting-edge technology are gathered to improve operational efficiency, enhance travel safety, and reduce accident risks. However, potential problems can occur at any time, such as: security threats, earthquakes, equipment corrosion, underground dampness, and service disruptions due to unpredictable hazards, which can compromise safe and punctual passenger services.

baykee uninterruptible power supply manufacturersuninterrupted power supply solution

The availability of the system is particularly important in order to control all possible events as much as possible. Whether it's a passenger ticketing process, a quick pass check-in, or an easy WeChat chat when waiting for the train to arrive on time, it's inseparable from the smooth running of critical systems, all rely on safe power supply, reliable uninterrupted power supply architecture and intelligence. Monitoring and control. At the same time, subway operators need to cope with the challenges of increasing energy consumption. How to find a safe total uninterrupted power supply solution with the lowest total cost of ownership as time goes by?


uninterrupted power source supplysubway ups solution

Now Baykee gives the answer. For ten years, subway operators such as the Beijing Subway, Guangzhou Metro, and Tianjin Metro have relied on Baykee Power to provide reliable power protection for their critical physical infrastructure. Whether it's protecting the technology platform or ensuring that the end system is free of downtime and power-related security, Baykee can provide the right solution to ensure it is always available and seamless, while also giving a relatively low total cost of ownership ( TCO), while giving a better follow-up operational service experience.

uninterrupted power supplyuninterrupted power supply

As a leading power quality and IT infrastructure service provider, Baykee is able to deploy the world's most advanced uninterrupted power system for metro systems with its deep expertise. Baykee's comprehensive power solutions provide users with superior UPS power and emergency power supply systems from 0.5kVA to 2.4MVA. The high flexibility and adaptability of the design can significantly improve the overall usability of the device, such as extending backup time and battery life, and optimizing system operation efficiency. By choosing the right Baykee Power portfolio and services, you'll benefit from a total solution for systems, software and services from one vendor.


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