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Baykee superpower 60kva UPS is used in industrial applications - Power grid industry

Power supply outages or interruptions are a major risk for all industrial companies.They can put human life at risk and cause downtime on production lines that generate direct liabilities: lost production time and increased labor expenditures,as well as waste of raw materials and finished goods.Interrupted power can also generate a chain reaction of induced costs, such as damaged production facilities and lost time, as well as additional labor expenditures to restart operations. And, of course, lost production and non-availability of manufacturing facilities can delay deliveries and cause breakdowns in the supply chain that strongly impact customer services and relations.The uninterrupted power source is becoming more and more important for the production and normally working. Baykee have the full no break ups, Emergency power supply, outdoor ups, modular ups, suit for different field and industry.

60kva ups

With the increase of uninterrupted power supply pressure in southern provinces of China, the demand of power grid system for power supply safety is higher and higher.Baykee,as a high-end UPS technology brand, the UPS series products have many unique advantages such as energy-saving, multi-functional selection, highly reliable operation mode and fully intelligent management. Managers of industrial facilities working in the field are aware of the risk of diminished power quality or the disturbance caused by power interruptions.They also know, from a technical standpoint, what industrial UPS inverter systems they need to ensure global protection and reduce risk.Therefore, they have successfully provided reliable support for the machine room of southern power grid system and related power supply systems. Using Baykee’s 60kva ups system for the equipment, keep no break ups power, our excellent quality is highly appreciated by users.