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Baykee's supply and installation of 10kw solar panel system based electric system

solar new energy

1.Panel Mounting Structure  

The PV solar panel mounting metallic structure should be fixed, mounted on Flat Roof on brick pillars one foot above ground level. The tilt angle should set to year-round compromise(Equal to latitude).
The surface azimuth angle of PV Module 1800 and the Tilt angle (slope) of PV Module should be 330
The mounting structure must be engineered for wind resistance and safety.
The module should be fixed with the frame through bolts. The bolts should be tightened at the required angle.
Shading shall be avoided all over the year (around) from 30 minutes after the sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset(For installation purpose only).
To allow regular cleaning of the solar modules, they should be easily accessible for personnel(For installation purpose only).
The module and support structure should be able to withstand wind speed of 200 km/hr.
The PV modules will be mounted on metallic structures of adequate strength and appropriate design, which can withstand a load of modules and high wind velocities up to 200 km per hour. The support structure used will be hot dip galvanized.

solar panel system


The PV module(s) shall contain monocrystalline silicon solar cells.
The PV module has an ability to Works well with high-voltage input Inverters/ charge controllers
The PV Panel must have a clear anodized aluminum frame with Anti-reflection cover glass
The power output of the module(s) under STC should be at optimum level.
The operating voltage corresponding to the power output must be mentioned.

solar panel system

3.Baykee TYN SERIES Hybrid Solar Inverter 10KW SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM

This off grid solar Inverter is an ac power supply which provides the power supply as the base for your equipment. Please carefully inspect the input and output voltage and frequency whether meet the usage requirement.
The power supply capacity from the input of Inverter should meet the demand, otherwise Inverter can’t work properly even may lead to safety accidents.

Remark: When using diesel generator as backup power from the input, the diesel generator capacity shall be more than 3 times larger than the Inverter used.

TYN series Hybrid solar inverter is an intelligent multifunctional power supply. 10kw Solar panel system inside consists of MPPT solar charge controller, charger, rectifier, inverter, static transfer switch, the main control circuit, and display alarm circuit. It can according to users different requirement setup different inverter work mod. Baykee offer one stop off grid solar system solution, from design, installation to maintenance. 
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