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Baykee’ uninterrupted power supply offer the full 10KVA UPS solution for the Metro project

Metro station/station emergency lighting system emergency power supply power solution to solve the power safety problems of the station emergency lighting system, evacuation indication lighting system, etc., ultra-short emergency switching time, safe and reliable.

uninterrupted power supply solution

It is important to ensure the normal and stable operation of the screen door system to protect passenger safety. uninterrupted power supply is needed for this system functioning well.

Baykee Metro Integrated Monitoring System ups power solution computer, network equipment, environmental monitoring and access control equipment. The recommended product solution by Baykee: HTT series online double conversion UPS power supply. Recommended reason: The load is mainly based on IT electronic equipment, and it is equipped with a combination of high efficiency, energy saving and reliability.

uninterrupted power supply

The Baykee Metro Communication System ups power solution provides high-quality, reliable uninterrupted power supply for computer network communication equipment for transmission, wireless, IT equipment, closed-circuit television, broadcasting, clock and other subsystems.

The subway fire automatic alarm system 10kva ups power solution is developed by Baykee specifically for the safe operation of the subway fire alarm system, which is energy efficient, safe and reliable.

Subway automatic ticket checking system ups power solution.

uninterrupted power source supply

Data storage server room, computer, network equipment, AFC terminal equipment.
Baykee recommended product solutions: BKH-M series modular UPS power supply, HS series UPS power supply.
Recommended reason: The data storage server room is mainly based on IT electronic equipment. It is equipped with the BKH-M series 100kva modular UPS power supply, which integrates high efficiency, energy saving, high regional density and high availability. It can continuously provide more than one hour of centralized power supply. Protection (20~200kVA); AFC terminal equipment, relatively dispersed, optional high-efficiency, energy-saving, smart (mobile with wheels) in one of the Baykee high-frequency HS series UPS power supply.

subway ups solution

For ten years, subway operators such as the Beijing Subway, Guangzhou Metro, and Tianjin Metro have relied on Baykee to provide reliable power protection for their critical physical infrastructure. Whether it's protecting the technology platform or ensuring that the end system is free of downtime and power-related security, Baykee can provide the right solution to ensure it is always available and seamless, while also giving a relatively low total cost of ownership ( TCO), while giving a better follow-up operational service experience.