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Baykee UPS, EPS widely used in the Medical industry/10kva ups used in various solution

For the medical services industry, providing a quality health care environment for patients is critical. From MRI technology to modern medical care technology, the application of the latest technologies is designed to reduce errors, improve the quality of medical services and reduce costs. Baykee’s UPS and EPS technology successfully solve this problem, our various type ups was applicant in different areas.

baykee 10kva ups

1.Hospital fire emergency eps power solution: Hospital building emergency lighting, fire fighting equipment, fire emergency elevator.
Baykee EPS emergency power supply is less than 1.8ms emergency switching time, creating an industry record. Its hospital fire emergency eps power solution is widely used in major medical institutions and is widely recognized. The product used: FEPS-BKS series EPS, BK-D-10kva series EPS.

10kva ups

2.Hospital data center ups power solution: Medical IT Center supporting the entire hospital information system (HIS).
The products used: BKH-M series ups. The load is all IT equipment, the number is large, and the installation space is relatively limited. The Baykee BKH-M series modular UPS power supply with high efficiency, high regional density and high availability is selected.

baykee ups widely used in medical industry

3.ICU critical care unit ups power solution: Equipped with medical monitoring screen, mobile therapy equipment and high-sensitivity electronic equipment.There are many kinds of loads, different characteristics and extremely high requirements on the purity of electric energy. The selection of high-adaptability, high reliability and anti-interference ability is combined with the Burke CHP3010kva ups series and MP3100 series UPS power supply. The products used: CHP3000 series. MP3100 series.

medical industry ups

4.Hospital Laboratory UPS Power Solutions: Supports RIS (radiology information systems), PACS (image storage and transmission systems), therapeutic devices and other electronic devices. The products used: CHP3000 series. MP3100 series low frequency online ups.

5.Hospital weak motor room ups power solution: Equipped with hospital security monitoring, power distribution cabinets, cabinets and other IT equipment. The load is mainly based on IT electronic equipment and the installation space is relatively limited. The selection of high-efficiency, energy-saving and smart (small size) in one of the Baykee high-frequency HTS series, HS series 10kva UPS power supply.

Besides, those ups and eps also used in Operating room ups power solution, Hospital inpatient building ups power / eps power solution, Hospital outpatient building ups power / EPS power solution and so on. Our engineer will base on your requirement to design a suitable ups solution. From 1kva to 6kva, 10kva ups to 500kva, online ups, off line ups, low frequency ups, high frequency ups, single phase and three phase. Baykee will offer a satisfaction solution for you.