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China Tobacco

Solution: China Tobacco 300kva ups

Project file
To satisfy the whole manufacture packaging procedure well performing
To keep the grid power stable and make the machine high efficiency working
Reduce the lose of no grid and surge from grid

uninterrupted power supply  CHP3300kva
ups battery 12v200ah 128pcs
Battery monitor modular
Battery cabinet
Baykee cloud system for full monitor and management


Baykee's CHP3300kva is the 3 phase online double conversion ups, On-Line UPS with an isolation transformer
at Output. The Load is supplied continuously by the inverter with clean, stabilized and regulated sine wave output
power. Input & Output filters increase the immunity of load from power disturbances and surges.
Ultra-distinct interface information processing technology.300kva isolation transformer make the machine work stable
and performs 92% efficiency during full load. 4 groups of ups battery 12v200ah support 40mins backup time. No worries
for sudden stop of the grid..