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China-US trade war--the new challenge for Baykee’s online ups and solar inverter

Since last time The 11th round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultation, in order to curb the development of China's manufacturing industry, the United States has repeatedly raised China's import tariffs. On May 10, 2019, the US imposed a tariff increase of 20 billion U.S. dollars on Chinese exports to the United States from 10% to 25%.



To this end, on May 13, 2019, the State Council Tariff Commission also issued a notice: for the 5,140 tax items imported from the United States, a tariff of 5% -25% was imposed. In order to curb the development of China's science and technology industry, following ZTE, the United States has also comprehensively sanctioned the Chinese national enterprise, Huawei. After Huawei, the United States has also been eyeing China’s drone “Dajiang”. Chinese high new technology company face the challenge from the trade war, obviously, the cost and price will increase when the tariff have increased from 5%-25%. Not only increase the manufacturer’s cost, but also harm the local buyers of American consumer. For the export Baykee’s online ups and solar inverter, it is extremely disadvantageous, or to say, we will even loss the American market.

baykee solar container system

As the online ups and solar inverter supplier, our main market is Korea, Philippine, Vietnam, Malaysia, middle east county, Africa country, South American country etc. Based in China mainland , covering the global market. Our 1kva to 500kva on line ups, single phase suit for normal home using and smaller loads or equipment, 3 phase ups 10kva to 500kva widely applicant in the manufacturing, office, industrial and large data computing center. Besides, we have developed industrial specific UPS suit for specific working and grid condition. Many of them get many good feed back in Railway, Aerospace, Emergency lighting system, etc. Many of our UPS get the patent in China, like our EPS, transfer time 1.8ms/1.2ms, is the leading in the EPS industry.


Besides the online ups and EPS(emergency power supply), our solar inverter and integrated solar system also wins many market shares, some system have worked very well many years since installed. At same time, based on different client’s requirement, we have smaller system 1kva to 10kva for home using and smaller equipment using. Large system from 10kva to 500kva suit for the manufacturing use, industrial use, grid station etc, one of the most famous one is the 7pcs of containerized solar energy storage system, that we did for Pakistan railway. Since installed in 2017, safely used for nearly years. More solar system project can refer to our web and facebook.

Besides American Market, Baykee spread our market in different country, though many challenge is waiting for us, we trust our product can withstand the test of market and time.