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Emergency Power supply Scheme for Baykee IDC Refrigeration system

The long-term safe and stable work of the data center is a subject that the data center managers are constantly exploring and studying. Because of the importance of the data information and the high closure of the computer room, the high power density and the high calorific value are the characteristics of the data center. Security and reliability requirements for data centers have been raised to a new level. In the pursuit of more efficient, greener and more energy efficient data centers, data center managers are more concerned with the safe and reliable operation of the data center. Based on this background, the emergency power supply scheme of Baykee IDC data Center Refrigeration system with high security, reliability, availability and green energy saving label has been found in the blue sea of the new generation data center industry. It is valuable and is sought after by the data center industry.

emergency power supply

As we all know, the high density and high speed operation of the precision equipment in the computer room of the super large data center produces enormous heat. The normal operation of the refrigeration system in the computer room is the key factor to ensure the running environment of the precision equipment in the computer room. It can effectively prevent the server equipment from stopping operation, abnormal operation and even explosion due to excessive heat in the computer room.

emergency power supply solution

In order to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system, the data Room Refrigeration system of Aerospace Baykee Company has built an emergency power supply support system for the IDC refrigeration system, which integrates the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and reliability, and caters to the actual needs for precision air conditioning in the computer room. Refrigeration pumps and other key equipment affecting the operating environment of the machine room, the deployment of Baykee medium and large power EPS emergency power supply as the core, as well as leading technical solutions, personalized service programs, As a power brand based on quality and service, Baykee attaches great importance to creating a favorable consumption environment for customers and helping customers focus on core technology.

eps emergency power supply

Baykee's IDC Room Refrigeration system Emergency Power supply Scheme, Air-Conditioning Power supply and other series of products, in the large IDC refrigeration system power supply support field has created a lot of successful cases. With strong technical advantages in the field of emergency power supply and rich application experience, the emergency power supply solution for Baykee IDC refrigeration system is available in the Alibaba IDC computer room, Baoxinzhouyun Shanghai Mobile data Center and Guangzhou Super Computing Center. Beijing Yizhuang Wanguo data Center computer Room, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Wanguo data Center computer Room, Shenzhen Wanguo data Center and other large-scale IDC data center projects have been successfully applied, quality, professional, service. Win user's high praise and unanimous recognition.