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Baykee IDC cooling System Emergency Power Supply Solution Escort Shenzhen Baode Data Center

The stability of the data center operating environment is an important guarantee for the normal operation of IT equipment, and its temperature and humidity must be strictly controlled. Once the refrigeration system stops working, the huge heat generated by the high-speed server equipment cannot be absorbed in the closed data center in time, which will lead to serious consequences such as a sharp rise in data center temperature, equipment failure, and data center outage. "BAYKEE" focuses on the data center's requirements for power supply reliability, high efficiency, low energy consumption, etc., providing an ideal emergency power supply solution and series of products for the refrigeration system, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted operation of the data center business with the lowest Have the total cost.

emergency power supply

Recently, Baykee once again launched the data center emergency power supply field. The product quality and technical strength were highly recognized by users. The emergency power supply solution for the IDC engine room refrigeration system was successfully settled in Shenzhen Baode Data Center to provide emergency for the engine room chilled water pump and refrigeration system. Electricity security.

It is understood that Baode (Shenzhen. Guanlan) cloud computing data center began planning and construction in early 2013, completed and officially put into operation in July 2014. It is located in Guanlan High-tech Industrial Park, Longhua New District, Shenzhen. The computer room is built according to the international Tire 3+ level. , single-family property, a total of four floors, with a building area of 6,000 square meters, the core business carried by it has gradually moved from high-end applications to cloud services based on a wide range of business needs, in the "data center grading assessment" organized by the Cloud Computing Development and Policy Forum. Was rated as 3A Green Data Center.

emergency power supply solution

The data center refrigeration system is a key link to ensure the stability of the micro-environment of the IT infrastructure of the computer room, and its importance is beyond doubt. The data center is highly enclosed, high-power density and concentrated. It needs the refrigeration system to balance the huge heat emitted by the IT infrastructure equipment. Otherwise, it will cause serious consequences such as high temperature in the equipment room, equipment downtime, and data center service stop. At the beginning of the data center construction, Baode's standard requirements for supplier selection include a package of overall solutions and total package construction capabilities, excellent qualifications, and full lifecycle service support.

Baykee's data center emergency power supply solution has undoubtedly become the safe choice for escort refrigeration systems. For the Baode data center on-demand, the IDC refrigeration system emergency power supply solution with the medium and large power-powered EPS power supply as the core structure is not only a set of infrastructure layer solutions but also from consulting to implementation, from service to operate. The full life cycle program system.

Burke has full project implementation experience in the data center emergency power supply field and has a wealth of product line support and national level qualification certification guarantee, technical strength and brand influence are strongly recognized by the Baode data center. In recent years, the Baykee IDC refrigeration system emergency power supply solution has been widely and successfully applied in the data center field, successfully serving the Baoxinbao cloud Alibaba IDC engine room, Baoxinbao cloud Shanghai Mobile Luojing data center, China Telecom Cloud Computing Inner Mongolia Information Park, Century Internet Data Center Hangzhou IDC Engine Room, China Telecom Shaanxi Smart Cloud Service Base Computer Room, Beijing Yizhuang Wanguo Data Center Computer Room, Guangzhou Supercomputer Center, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Digital Data Center, Shenzhen Baode Data Center Computer Room, Shenzhen Futian Wanuo Data Center, Tianjin National Taxation Bureau Data Center, Shenzhen National Gene Bank and other domestic mainstream data center users, the quality, technology, services and other advantages have been unanimously recognized by users.

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