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Haiti 40kva solar inverter system solve the problem of bad quality Grid situation

Haiti 40kva solar inverter system solve the problem of bad quality Grid situation for the citizen locally


Besides the project in Philippine and Vanuatu village, this time Baykee’s engineer bring our 40kva solar inverter system to Haiti, solve the problem of no grid situation locally, bring the bright to the citizens. “Now no worry about the fire hazards.” A locally native said. In the past, when no grid, they always use the fire to light up at night, it brings some fire hazards always. People get great loss when it happens. What is more, it affects their daily life. When installed our 40kva solar inverter, the power from the solar can meet the daytime use for all the equipment, at same time, charge the battery, stored it for night and no solar day use. When there is no solar, the battery then offer the power to the equipment, meet the normally use. The whole 40kva solar inverter system make sure  no break grid use day and night, only need to keep it charge battery when sun is out..


The whole system range from 10kva to 500kva, can be customized according to different need. Office, factory, home, farm, village and so on. Also the backup time can be optional from 15mins to 4 hours even 8 hours. What is more, applicant environment is not so serious. In desert, island, mountain, only need to keep timely maintenance. The whole 40kva solar inverter system is also intelligent and smart, can be monitored and remote controlled by our SNMP card, Dry contact, RS485 interface, cloud agent system.


Certainly, we have many successful project overseas, Pakistan 60kva, 100kva, 160kva off grid solar system,  Nigeria 40kva solar system, Australia gold coast McDonald 25kva solar system and so on. Welcome to learn more details on our web. Baykee dedicate to offer full solar system solution for our clients.