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Aerospace Baykee HS series high frequency online movable UPS 3kva escorts the Kai Luan Psychiatric Hospital

Kailuan Mental Health Center is the treatment of various mental disorders hospital , to carry out psychological help employees (EAP) and healthy psychological services of specialized subject hospital. It is a provincial professional psychiatric resident standardization training base (department). The psychiatric clinical is key specialty in Hebei province, and it is a mental health professional hospital focusing on developing medical disciplines in Hebei province.


The Hospital main medical equipments are: "wake up via vein" multi-function monitoring system ECT, ECT, therapeutic apparatus, X-ray machine, color transcranial doppler in the diagnosis of system, sound and light music therapy system, automatic biochemistry analyzer, semi-automatic blood clotting, blood lithium tester, automatic nail rugae meter, automatic blood analyzer, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, much sleep monitor, PEM management system of mental health, psychological test software, biofeedback therapy apparatus, defibrillation apparatus, patient monitor, brain and figure and other modern medical instruments and equipments. All instruments and equipments will be destroyed if the mains stops suddenly then we need to set up the UPS 3kva for them in case of the emergency cut off.
After many cooperation with this hospital, the power supply of Aerospace Baykee has been trusted and supported by customers. This time, spaceflight Aerospace Baykee and the hospital recently had a new cooperation. The main purpose is to power the patient's monitoring equipment. One such device is added to each bed. After investigating the field layout of the department and getting familiar with the important performance parameters of the medical equipment, we customized the portable power supply for this project to ensure that there is power equipment on, and on the other hand, it can move along with the bed. As shown in the figure below, this application is combined with the online, zero switching, high efficiency of our HS high-frequency UPS 3kva, small volume of built-in battery, and wheel structure, etc., so as to provide a reliable and portable backup power guarantee for the project.


This project, according to the size of the power equipment is the main supply model which is built-in battery, ups 3 k and 6 k high-frequency machine greatly save space , and put on a shelf can move at any time, which improves the utilization efficiency of the beds in the priority .It is safe and reliable, and not afraid of sudden power lost and lead to medical instrument equipment damage, which is greatly reduce the loss. This machine model can be used directly on the customized shelf. The installation is very simple. After the installation of the equipment, our salesman also provided a simple training for the medical staff on site to install and use the equipment and maintain the equipment, so that they could take corresponding measures in case of emergency and special circumstances. The medical staff of this hospital and our salesman are very grateful for the training opportunity provided by this cooperation opportunity, which is more conducive to the correct use of medical equipment by medical staff and the improvement of efficiency.


Aerospace Baykee UPS runs normally there now and the solution we provided win good reputation by this hospital and we build long and strong cooperation relationship with them. We think Aerospace Baykee will help more people there to solve the power problem and enhance the friendship with them .