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Continue the legend of high-speed rail emergency power supply, the Baykee EPS power solution escorts the Loudi High-speed Railway South Station hub

Recently, the leading power quality service provider "BAYKEE", its EPS emergency power supply solution has been favored again, successfully won the bid for the integration of the Loudi South Railway Station hub, providing a strong backup emergency for its station, transportation hub and other places. The whole system is the double conversion online ups mode, keep no break ups power supply for the high speed rail. 

It is reported that the Yudi High-speed Railway South Station Hub Integration Project is a supporting construction project of Loudi South Station. It is planned to build a number of high-grade highway stations and the Loudi South Station connection line, and at the same time undertake transportation hubs, passenger transfer, office, commercial, and square rest. Such functions, to create a comprehensive urban transportation hub, is a major public construction project in Loudi City, and also a key project in Hunan Province.

emergency power supply

As a hub for integrated transportation, this means that Loudi South Station will have a large influx of foreign traffic in the future. The transportation hub center, station building and other areas have the characteristics of concentrated population, fast flow of people and complex structure, and encounter force majeure. Emergency, such as power outages, fires, explosions, etc., need to evacuate people in a timely and orderly manner. Therefore, it is an important measure to ensure the safety and safety of passengers and staff members by constructing stable, safe and reliable emergency lighting and emergency fire fighting systems.

For the actual power demand of important loads such as emergency lighting system and evacuation indication system in key locations such as hub-integrated station buildings and transportation hubs in Loudi South Station, Parker has developed an EPS emergency power solution to ensure fire emergency lighting. Emergency power supply to critical systems such as evacuation signs. It is understood that the EPS emergency power solution for this application is based on the BK-D series EPS emergency power supply, which is based on the high-voltage IGBT inverter technology. Features; with superior load characteristics, supply load equipment stable and reliable power; at the same time EPS emergency power supply as one of Baykee's fist products, in the power-saving technology, the overall efficiency is close to 100%, energy-saving effect is significant; create in the emergency switching time The industry's breakthrough technology, emergency fast switching is less than 1.8 milliseconds, greatly expanding the application field of EPS emergency power supply.


Baykee custom high-speed rail 3 phase ups EPS emergency power supply solution, fully meet the power construction requirements of the Loudi South Station hub integration project, with its high reliability, high stability, high efficiency and energy saving advantages are more recognized and affirmed by the user unit.

Word of mouth stems from quality and strength to win trust. Over the years, Baykee has made great achievements in the application of urban traffic track. With mature and reliable product quality and technical solutions, it has established a strong brand influence and successfully established Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Baolan high-speed railway, Guangzhou South Railway Station and Tianjin West Railway Station. Important rail transit projects such as Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Guangba Expressway, Beijing Subway, and Tianjin Metro are escorting.
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