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Jiangxi Jiangwu Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd used Baykee’s high capacity ups for the welding cutting

Jiangxi Jiangwu Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. (JTCC for short) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Rare Earth Metal Tungsten Group Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of high-performance cemented carbide, mixed materials and various alloy products. With advanced technology and equipment, it is a key enterprise in the strategic development of “Tungsten Resources to Tungsten Products Deep Processing”. The company now has an annual production capacity of 1000t/year. The main products are 6 categories and 55 grades of 6269 specifications. Among them: a total of 15 specifications of the product mix, a total of 3626 kinds of standard welding cutting inserts, a total of 200 specifications of CNC inserts, a total of 340 specifications of extruded and molded profiles, a total of 408 kinds of specifications for mining tools, and drawing molds. A total of 1680 specifications for non-standard parts.For this reason will need the high capacity ups supply the no break power for the machine, to keep the normal work during any grid shut off. To make sure no loss during the grid off.

baykee high capacity ups

Based on the particularity of the load of these production equipments, Baykee has high performance requirements for UPS power supply. This production automation special UPS power supply scheme uses the Baykee high capacity ups CHP series, UPS power supply, maintenance-free battery, UPS network monitoring accessories, voice alarm. It is reported that the customized Baykee high-end CHP series high capacity UPS power supply is a double-conversion pure online three phase-input/output power frequency machine with a single machine power of up to 160KVA, with output isolation transformer, strong load adaptability and outstanding overload protection capability. Large production lines provide stable and reliable power protection. To ensure reliable protection for uninterrupted power supply in the metallurgical industry.