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Jinling Hexi, Baykee "ingenuity" escort Jiangsu Grand Theatre/300kva ups guard the safety of power supply

Jinling Hexi, Baykee "ingenuity" escort Jiangsu Grand Theatre/300kva ups guard the safety of power supply 

Since established in 2007, after 11 years, Baykee has many successful project all over our country. Those smart building like Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Guangzhou Baiyun Wanda Plaza,Zhuhai Opera House, Guangzhou TV Tower and so on. Besidesm, Jiangsu Grand Theatre is also very marvelous smart buildings. The exhibition platform, which is positioned as a “world-class art exhibition platform, an international art event exchange platform, and a public welfare art education promotion platform”, is located in Binjiang New Town, Hexi, Nanjing. The theater looks like four “water droplets” perched in the lotus leaf. On the elevated platform, the unique shape of the "Lotus Leaf Drop" is like the water of the water. It is like a water drop floating on the ecological green field. It not only contains the cultural meaning of the watery rhyme, but also shows the inclusive mind of the river. To make the whole building more smart and safety, Baykee have close cooperation with them, chose our intelligent and smart high capacity ups, more reliable and trustworthy.

300kva ups

As a world-class cultural and artistic performance venue, Jiangsu Grand Theatre strictly selects all facilities according to high quality, high standards and high specifications, and requires the first-class artistic interpretation to be presented to the audience. The theater lighting system is one of the three major elements of theater construction: on the one hand, the lighting system is an indispensable factor in a successful stage play, which can express emotions through lighting and coordinate with the stage; on the other hand, large theater complex As an emergent measure for emergency, emergency lighting can provide indicator lighting for the orderly evacuation of the crowd and provide sufficient light source for accident repair. That is why, the emergency power supply for the lighting and fire system is very important. Based on this situation, baykee offer the BK-D series online double conversion ups, CHP series 3 phase 300kva ups system to guard the safety for the building. 

300kva ups 2

About Baykee
Baykee-IT infrastructure and power quality service providers, the leader of Zhongda Power Uninterrupted power supply and Emergency power supply industry, national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong intellectual property advantage enterprises, Guangdong private technology enterprises, and defense communication equipment network enterprises. The performance of Baykee 3 phase high capacity UPS power supply is up to 98%, energy saving and environmental protection. The switching time of Baykee EPS power is less than 1.2ms. The technology is refreshed. The products are successfully applied to Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Baolan high-speed rail, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai. World Expo, Shenzhen Universiade, Xi'an World Expo, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games venue, Guangzhou TV Tower, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Xiaoxiang Expressway, Yuelu Expressway, Guiguang Expressway and many other major domestic projects