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Metro Rail Transit system

Solution: Metro Rail Transit system on the orange line in Lahore Pakistan 

Project file
Used for the elevated station along the orange line in Pakistan
Fire emergency power supply system for the Metro
High-performance and high efficiency transformer and IGBT

27pcs of BK-D-10KVA and BK-D-6KVA ups(built in battery or external)
deep cycle battery to keep uninterrupted use
Battery monitor modular
Battery cabinet
Baykee cloud system for full monitor and management


The BK-D-10KVA and BK-D-6KVA ups plays important role in the orange line, is a multi-protected
AC power supply. When the main power is normal, firstly main output directly and rectified into
pure DC to the battery charge, When the main electrical anomaly, the battery storage of DC
inverter output ac to ensure that the user load with high quality power supply; manual maintenance bypass ensure
that the BK-D-10KVA and BK-D-6KVA ups is maintained or overhauled in the situation of an uninterruptible power