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off grid solar inverter system 100kva

Solution: off grid solar inverter system 100kva for Pakistan Naval Air Base

Project file
off grid solar inverter system 100kva for the Pakistan Naval Air Base.
Support the electricity for the daily use and keep the electricity safe for the base. 


Off grid solar inverter TYN33-100kva with parallel function
Opzv gel battery 2v
PV distribution box
Battery monitor module
Battery cabinet
Baykee cloud system for full monitor and management
MPPT solar charger controller 
345Watts solar panel
cooling system
solar panel cleaning system



Based on the local grid and environment condition, we choose the off grid solar inverter system for the Pakistan Naval air base. At daytime, the solar panel will transfer the solar energy to the electricity via the off grid solar inverter TYN33-100KVA , at the
same time, the solar panel charge the battery for backup or storage if needed when the grid is off or no solar power. What need to be noticed, now we add the cooling system to cool the room temperature, and add the solar panel cleaning system to clean and 
remove the dust. The users are satisfied with it when it is working.