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Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with quality UPS inverter,solar system products with high-quality services.


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Leading uninterruptible power supply manufacturer -BAYKEE with over 10 years experience in improving power quality products like Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS),EPS,inverters, AVR, APF,solar UPS,solar power charge controller,and new energy products etc,which with the competitive prices and good performance.Solar new energy products included three phase off-grid solar inverter, single phase hybrid solar inverter, besides we can design a full solar PV system for clients, from 3kva, 5kva to 10kw solar panel system even more large system like Containerized Hybrid Solar Inverter Power System(40kva or more). Baykees engineer team offer the full solar system solution for the clients.Besides, Baykee online and offline uninterrupted power supply is also the very hot sale and widely applicant, especially the modular ups, 3 phase ups, double conversion online ups , ups 40kva, 30kva ups and some more high capacity ups, like 100kva, 200kva ups, 300kva ups.For the components of the Solar Inverter and ups other power quality products, we have the ups battery, solar battery, solar pv panel, PV combiner box, mppt solar charger controller, battery cabinet, snmp card, Active power filter and etc.