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Solar Container Storage System

In Sept, 30th 2017, our 7 sets of solar container storage system were successfully installed in Pakistan. The whole system included our solar inverter TYN33-40kva, 60kva and 100kva, photovoltaic solar module, intelligent photovoltaic combiner , photovoltaic controlling system, photovoltaic inverter system, lead-acid batteries, communication controlling system, air conditioning system, and backup generators(this is the optional), which is made to be a large-scale photovoltaic energy storage system. The power supply system mainly uses photovoltaic power to make electricity, battery to store the solar energy, when the inverter system is failure or battery power is exhausted, the system will start generator to provide the uninterruptible power supply, which is a new generation of green power solutions.


The off grid solar systems belongs to the solar input mainly and sharing with the mains input ,and the generator backup mode!. During the daytime, the Solar MPPT charger controller supports the power to the output of the inverter(means support the load )and charge the battery at the same time! when the solar power is insufficient, the mains will be rectified to the output of the inverter; when discharged to the battery low voltage, the inverter will send out the starting signal, start the generator to the generator power supply; when the solar power is enough , the system will transferred to the solar power input automatically.

Our team in the Pakistan install all the system locally, more professional and familiar to the environment in Pakistan. Now the full system has successfully worked for a year.. We do the customized designed for our clients according to different country and environment. If you have the plan to install a whole system, welcome to send inquiry to us.