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What are the functional requirements of the new solar energy in the future?

The development trend of new energy in the future: fuel, Biogas, solar PV system energy, wind energy, battery energy storage--- hybrid power generation

baykee solar pv system

1.Functional Requirements

The PV-Biogas Hybrid System design must be based on proven and highly efficient equipment and it shall assure a safe, reliable and efficient operation for 20 years’ lifetime under the environmental conditions at the site with minimum operations cost. It  has to adhere with all applicable (international and regional) norms, standards and shall be in compliance with the requirements of the Grid Connection Code of any country, and further relevant requirements of the grid operator, including all measures required to ensure compatibility with the net metering policy, if and when it is implemented. The PV-Biogas Hybrid Systems, each consisting mainly of a PV System, a Biogas System and Battery, will be connected to the low voltage level of the electricity grid. Each PV Biogas Hybrid System includes two separate generators for the Biogas System. The generators are dimensioned in a way that the Biogas System can, based on the available biogas and load profile, either run on the base load generator only (can be our baykee TYN33 series), or on both generators combined (peak load). The split of the Biogas System power part into two generators has been foreseen to ensure a better part-load behavior in comparison to a single generator concept.

baykee solar power new energy

2.For nverter System

The “inverter system” refers to the total of all PV inverters and battery inverters of the system. In order to ensure that the highest quality and durable inverter/components are provided, the inverter must be provided with a transferable warranty period of at least five years.
We baykee,in order to meet the needs of customers, we also follow the development trend of new energy, we put forward our own design concept. This system consists of solar module, solar junction box, solar energy from the grid transform ark, hybrid inverter , battery bank, biogas power generation, power distribution, power distribution and system of dispatching control center and the transmission and distribution .The system is powered by municipal electricity, solar energy, biogas power generation and battery energy storage inverter.Our TYN33 series grid-tied and off grid solar inverter system with built in MPPT,gird-tied solar inverter and also with battery energy.For more details,pls contact us.