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The solar energy Park --a famous park build 50MW photovoltaic power station/ large solar PV system

 A famous park recently reached an agreement with solar company Origisenergyusa to build 50MW solar power in the world's largest World in Florida, which is expected to provide electricity for two theme parks. The building is not FloridaDis World's first solar power facilities, as early as April 2016 in the Epcot (Epcot) theme park to create 5MW, about 48,000 pieces of photovoltaic "Mickey Solar", can be said to be the largest surface of Mickey, so that space astronauts can play in outer space, "Where is Mickey?"

Of the game, and this 50MW solar will further provide theDis World with clean energy.


Dr. Markpenning, vice president of theDis Animal, Science and Environment team, said Dis was committed to achieving the next environmental management milestone, which it hoped would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a significant 2020 years, down 50% from 2012. The building is being approached by Reedy creek improvement district, which oversees the Florida Disland World, and is built by Origisenergyusa, where solar facilities will be located near the animal Kingdom (Animalkingdom), With an area of 270 acres and 518,000 solar panels, it is estimated that 300 jobs will be created, but there is no certainty as to what pattern to make.

Dis is expected to reduce emissions of 57,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases, equivalent to 9,300 vehicles.


A solar panel placed in front of the Tree of Life (Treeoflife)

A few days ago Origis Energy USA has delivered the first batch of solar panels, the project will start in a few months and put into production before the end of the year, after the construction will be with 5MW Mickey Mouse to provide park 25% clean energy. The new solar power plant is also quite consistent with theDis Animal Kingdom, the first park to protect animals and the earth. Due to climate change and warming, many animals and insects are affected by the rest and life cycle, Dr. Penning said, theDis animal, Science and Environment team is dedicated to improving the habitat of pollinators (pollinator) and various plants.

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