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The wide application of high-frequency ups pure sine wave inverter

The wide application of High-frequency ups HS series pure sine wave inverter Made by Baykee.

baykee pure sine wave inverter

As the development of society, some city construction will need the electricity to keep 24 hours no break, once the electricity is off, it will lead to a great loss for the people. So based on the market need, the ups or eps becomes very important for that equipment. Sever, metro, railway, hospital, airplane, school and so on. Various ups design for different function. From 1kva to 500kva, from liner load to non-linear load, low frequency and high frequency.

baykee pure sine wave inverter factory

Today I would like to share one type ups, that us HS series pure sine wave inverter, those series from 1kva to 6kva, have three type for choose. Rack-mounted type, wall mounted type. For the standard wall mounted type, have the battery included type and battery excluded type. The HS series pure sine wave inverter applicant for the office use like a server, computer, Printer, fax, and so on. An applicant for some equipment like a home lighting system, fire emergency system. It keeps no break power supply. What is more, the HS series pure sine wave inverter can offer 5 to 1 hour backup time according to the different battery used. During the electricity is stopped, battery supply the electricity for the load, in a degree, prevent the loss from electricity stops.  When the electricity is recovered, then the ups back to work, the electricity will restart to charge the battery for next time use.

baykee pure sine wave inverter machine

How is the feedback from our clients? Every month, 100pcs of HS series ups produced from our production line, and exported to other countries and district. Many clients said it solves the problem of a sudden stop of the electricity, and offer enough time to keep the important data from the computer. The HS series is with high-efficiency power factor 0.99, transfer time 0ms. THD<2%(LINEAR LOAD). Capacity from 1kva to 10kva. Online double conversion ups, can connect to the generator, ECO mode can choose. Suit for various need. Welcome to ask for the latest price of HS series pure sine wave inverter. 

the pure sine wave inverter