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Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with quality UPS inverter,solar system products with high-quality services.


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Baykee supply new solar UPS products, including an uninterrupted power source, modular UPS, high capacity UPS, 0.5kva-10 kva UPS, double conversion Online UPS,etc to customers. UPS: on-line ups from 1kva to 1000kva, can work in a single unit or as redundant parallel ups, offline ups or line interactive ups, out door ups designed for out of doors telecom base, metropolis public protection equipment, and etc. EPS(emergency power source) particularly designed for the metro, railway, tunnel and different high ability or vital equipment and machine, it is completely offline ups. Besides, excessive frequency on line ups additionally have two type, with battery inner or excluded, an applicant for small computer or workplace use, like the computer, printer fax or any else. Modular ups, used in the IDC data center, airport, manufacturing workshop, or server room.