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We provide customers with quality UPS inverter,solar system products with high-quality services.


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Tongzhou Sunshine Insurance Group support center

Solution: Tongzhou Sunshine Insurance Group Support Center

Project file
uninterrupted power supply  MP3140KVA

uninterrupted power supply  MP3140KVA
12v250ah 32pcs
Battery Racket
other necessary accessories


BAYKEE MP3100 series UPS is the new generation transformer based true online double conversion full digital controlled UPS , it can increase the ups stability .This series
UPS have advanced intelligent battery management , so that can extend the battery life. And this series product combines the world’s newest control spare parts and the most
advanced software. It is designed to meet high availability and high power quality needs of a wide variety of critical applications. MP3140KVA UPS successfully used in the building
of the sunshine insurance group support.