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Baykee uninterrupted power supply highway power solution escort Gaoqin Expressway

Gaoping-Qinshui Expressway, a fast and large passage from east to west in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province was announced to be open to traffic today. It was added “one horizontal” to the Shanxi Expressway network, constructing an important “heavy vein” of urban and rural integration and development, and boosting the economic development of the local coal industry. This time, Baykee use its highway power solution, 3 phase ups to prompt the whole line work well. 

The extension of the fast track proves the transportation development of the ancient city in the millennium, and the high-speed opening also shows the power of the high-end national power brand “BAYKEE”. After serviced a number of important highway sections of Shanxi Expressway Network Planning, such as xinzhou-Qincheng Expressway, Taiyuan-gujiao Expressway, Gaoping-Lingchuan Expressway, Pingyang Expressway, Taiyuan Expressway, Lingbao-Yuncheng Expressway, Kelan- LinXian Expressway, Heshun-Yushe Expressway successfully, Baykee help the construction of the Shanxi Expressway network with its brand influence in the field of transportation and power supply once again, and successfully escorted the Gaoping-Qinshui Expressway with a dedicated power supply solution for the tunnels, providing reliable and stable uninterruptible power support for the tunnel infrastructure and key systems.

uninterrupted power source

It is understood that Gaoping-Qinshui Expressway is an important component of the eleventh horizontal section of the “Three Vertical, Twelve, and Twelve Rings” of the Shanxi Provincial Expressway Network Planning. It is connected to the Changjin Expressway and Gaoling Expressway in the east, and the Yangyi Expressway in the west. The total length of the road is 69.5 kilometers. After it is completed and opened to traffic, it takes only one hour to drive from Gaoping to Qinshui, which will greatly shorten the time and space distance between the two places. At the same time, it will also provide a fast transportation channel for Jincheng logistics industry, helping promote the economic and social development of Jincheng, especially the development of coal and coalbed methane industries. Since then, Baykee’s redundant parallel ups BK-D series, escort in the tunnel and all lines to offer the power supply for the Gaoqin Expressway express.

emergency power supply

As we all know, tunnels are an important part of highways. The special environment and the poor  power supply quality, When it happens an abnormal operation or interruption of critical facilities such as tunnel monitoring, communication, fire protection, etc. which caused by power failure, power outage, fire, etc., will bring significant safety hazards to the tunnel driving. Therefore, the deployment of a stable and reliable road tunnel backup no break ups power supply system provides reliable power supply guarantee for tunnel traffic safety and emergency response work, and plays a vital role in enhancing tunnel traffic safety.

outdoor ups

In view of the actual power consumption of the crucial facility load of the highway tunnel substation, comprehensive consideration of power factor, load type and other key points, carryed out evaluation considerations and design of the project, they finally developed a dedicated tunnel-specific power supply solution based on the Baykee CHP3000 series 3-phase high capacity UPS power supply and FEPS-BKS series fire emergency EPS power supply, providing a high reliability and high availability emergency power supply support system for Gaoqin expressway.

Baykee has always been dedicated to the market segmentation, relying on advanced high-end power technology to tailor special products to users’ needs. It has precipitated professional product technology solutions and has been widely and deeply applied in the transportation field. It has successfully escorted important high-speed sections such as Guangyuan-Bazhong Expressway, Taiyuan Expressway, Guiyang-Guangzhou Expressway, Yunnan Dali-Lijiang Expressway Guangdong-Jiangxi Highway, Yuxiang super highway, Guangyuan-Shanxi Expressway, etc.