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Why Zhuhai Opera House choose BAYKEE EPS power supply?


BAYKEE --- Leading service provider of power quality. With "green, safe and reliable" integrated intelligent building emergency power supply solutions , to help the Zhuhai Opera House hold a top cultural feast.

The Zhuhai Opera House is the only sea opera house in China. And it is another sea opera house after the Sydney Opera House. It is the city cultural landmark that Zhuhai leads Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao culture and the high - elegance art palace.


The safety of such large gymnasiums is the most important issue in daily operation. With the wide use of intelligent equipment in buildings, the reliable supply of electricity has become one of the key aspects of the security of intelligent buildings. In order to ensure the electric power safety of Zhuhai Opera House, based on the comprehensive study of load characteristic description and electricity environment, Baykee set up a special project technical group to go deep into the site of Zhuhai Opera House and communicate fully with users. Finally, Baykee has tailored integrated intelligent building power supply solutions ups 40kva for the zhuhai opera house, received high praise and great recognition.
The core products used in the integrated intelligent building power supply solution of Zhuhai Opera House are Baykee classic BK-D series emergency lighting EPS power supply, FEPS-BKS series power EPS emergency power supply and Baykee star product CHP3040KVA. Among them, Baykee EPS power supply is a famous brand product in Guangdong Province, and its emergency switching time is less than 1.2 milliseconds. This series of products also inherits the stable and reliable nature of Baykee power supply.And Baykee star product---CHP3000series is three phase input and three phase output low frequency online UPS power supply. UPS 40KVA is the best power supply solution for high-end applications and can ensure the high standard power demand of Zhuhai Opera House.

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