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Zhuhai Opera House

Solution:Aerospace Baykee Emergency Power Source (EPS) system and Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) system provide the profect power supply solution for
Zhuhai Opera House integrated smart building 

Project file
In order to ensure the safety of the Zhuhai Opera House, based on the comprehensive description of the loads characteristics description and the mains environment, Aerospace
Baykee set up a special engineering technology group to go deep into the Zhuhai Opera House, fully communicate with the users, and finally tailored the BAYKEE integrated smart
building power supply solution, which included a dozen sets of BAYKEE classic BK-D series emergency lighting LED power supply, FEPS-BKS series power EPS emergency power
source and BAYKEE star products CHP3000 series 40KVA three phase input and three phase output low frequency online UPS power supply for Zhuhai Opera House, Which were well received by the users.


uninterrupted power source CHP3040kva BK-D series
ups battery 12v100ah 12v120ah